The Core Group

Organizational responsibilities are over-seen by a Core Group of volunteers.


Tom Bechtold has been a shareholder since 2007. He heads our infrastructure committee.  He devotes a great deal of time to the garden and is a benefactor.


Cindy Gelsthorpe has been with the Garden since its inception and ensures that our bills are paid on time.  Cindy devotes a great deal of time to the garden and is also a benefactor.


Danette Watt is chair of the core group.  She joined La Vista in 2006 and has been a member of the Core Group since 2007. Since joining the board, she has helped with grant writing, publicity and general administration of La Vista.


Karen Hatch is a long time member and avid foodie.  When shes not working, busy with her kids, running, or making kale chips, she is busy handling a plethora of farm tasks such as spreadsheets, publicity, marketing, and a slu of other responsibilities.



Cathy Dondanville was an original shareholder. She offers her valued expertise as our grants chair.


Lee & Gail Sudlow


Sharon has been a member since 2011. She and her son love coming out to the farm.  Sharon helps with celebrations, fundraising, and marketing.





 Fr. Seamus

Seamus Finn is an Oblate priest in Washington DC who works with the core group.

Susan Murray (no pic) and her family have been members sincd 2007. Susan is the board secretary.

With extra help from…

  Crystal Stevens – publishes the e-newsletter

  Lynne Burnett - tech advisor

Workshops this Season
The following workshops will be held at La Vista Farm on Saturdays throughout the season.
The cost of each workshop is $25. 
4/5    9am-12pm     
Intro to Vermiculture
with Farmer Eric Stevens
4/5    1pm-4pm       
Intro to Sustainable Farming
with Farmer Eric Stevens

5/10   9am-12pm    
Tractor I
with Tom Bechtold & Allen Davenport
5/17   9am-12pm    
Tractor II
with Tom & Allen

5/17  1pm-4pm       
Intro to Herbs
with Farmer Crystal

6/28   9am-12pm    
Intro to Plant Diseases
with Professor Lee Sudlow
6-28   1pm- 4pm     
Intro to Integrated Pest Management
with Professor Lee Sudlow

7/19   9am-12pm                                                                                                      Intro to Web Design & Social Media/ Communication                                                 with Crystal Stevens & Karen Hatch

7/19   1pm-4pm                                                                                                             Small Farm Financial Management                                                                             with Cindy Gelsthorpe

Call Cindy at 618-466-8955 to sign up for a workshop

Upcoming Events
No events found.