Volunteering increases crop yields!

Volunteering is an integral part of being a member of a CSA farm.  We rely heavily on volunteers to ensure crops are planted and maintained in a timely manner.  The more help we have on a regular basis, the more bountiful your share harvest will be!

From May- October, we welcome volunteers Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8am-4pm  Come on out and lend a hand!

We have many tasks to chose from including; harvesting, washing produce, mulching,  weeding, filling trays with soil, organizing, sorting, seeding, transplanting, perennial flower bed restoration, painting, cleaning, and planting out in the fields.


If you want to adopt a crop (strawberries, raspberries, black berries or cherry tomatoes), you can come and weed those crops at your convenience (weekends or evenings)

Email gardennews@lavistacsa.org to inquire about corporate or group volunteer days.

***Don’t like field work?***

  • We could also use help with publicity on Facebook
  • Sign up to be a greeter (We need lots of greeters throughout the season)
  • Bring friends and family to your pick up day to try and encourage them to become a member.

Shareholders are asked to volunteer three hours a month to support the "community" aspect of the garden.  A wide range of activities are available and include both outside farm work and inside "behind the scenes" work.


We are open to volunteers any day of the week.  Please contact our farmers if you would like to lend a hand: volunteer@lavistacsa.org

We also have scheduled volunteer work days, generally twice a month, with specific tasks or projects planned - like garlic planting in the fall!  Some outdoor jobs include planting, weeding, harvesting and farm maintenance - both machinery and grounds.


Greeters are the volunteers who staff the distribution area to ensure that the produce is stocked and to assist Shareholders when they come to pick-up their produce.  Being a Greeter is a very important role at the farm.  We rely on Greeters to keep the produce fresh and to make it look both presentable and desirable. Greeters are needed at the farm from 2-7pm on Tuesdays and Fridays during distribution hours.  We need lots of people to sign up to be Greeters during the season.  Greeter tasks include:

  •     restock all produce bins fully on a regular basis
  •     keep the fans circulating on the produce
  •     contact the farmer if we are low on any items
  •     keep produce fresh by re-soaking the towels in cold water every hour
  •     spray produce with water to rehydrate
  •     smile and be friendly to shareholders
  •     offer assistance
  •     remind shareholders to check off their names on the sign-in list
  •     encourage shareholders to take advantage of the produce in the you-pick section
  •     encourage shareholders to sign up for greeting and volunteer workdays
  •     inform shareholders of important announcements
  •     tidy up the share room by sweeping and wiping surfaces
  •     water the planter boxes and hanging baskets if needed


There is an extraordinary amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the farm running smoothly.  The volunteer Core Group makes major decisions regarding hiring, budgeting, membership, publicity, communications, fund-raising and Shareholder events, but many more volunteers are needed to actually do all the work involved.  If field work isn't an option for a member, making phone calls, distributing flyers, working on the annual rummage sale, grant-writing, becoming a Core Group member or a vast number of other tasks are always needing to be done.


♦ General oversight and guidance
♦ Supervise farmer
♦ Develop and implement policies
♦ Authorize hiring personnel and expenditures


♦ Arrange programs for members
♦ Cook book and recipes
♦ Research store prices of organic produce
♦ Create informative labels for produce


♦ Plan and implement garden beautification
around Distribution Center and U-Pick areas
♦ Maintain “Magpie’s Garden”


♦ Plan Shareholder Celebrations
♦ Help set-up before and clean-up after:
• Welcome/Orientation (May)
• Tomato Fest (August)
• Harvest Party (November)


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